InXite - is a web-based marketing tool for connecting customers with vendors.

InXite is the commercial version of the  prototype Vedanta designed and developed at the University of Texas at Dallas.

At the heart of InXite is Tweethoood, a Patented social media analytics system.

Other current applications of InXite include Security and Law Enforcement. Future applications will include Finance and Healthcare.

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Dr. France Cordova, Director of NSF, November 15, 2015.

"Bhavani Thuraisingham (pronounced "Bha-van-e Thu-ra-sing-ham"), from The University of Texas at Dallas, developed a tool to mine data on Twitter, which transferred to a startup company called Knowledge and Security Analytics. She is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Cyber Security Research Center at UT Dallas."

SNOD (Stream-based NOvel class Detection)

is a patented anomaly detection tool. InXite relies on SNOD for detected novel classes.



SNODMAL is an enhanced version of SNOD for MALware detection.